How DevSecOps makes Application Development & Deployment more secure

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Organizations need to introduce new and innovative ways to bring evolution in the software development in terms of security. This is where DevSecOps comes into the picture. DevSecOps – short for Development, Security and Operations – is an approach to automate the integration of security throughout the software development and deployment cycle. It addresses security issues as and when they occur, especially when they’re easier to detect and cheaper to fix. Though, both Agile and DevOps aim to reduce the deployment cycle times of software (from months to weeks or even days), DevSecOps solutions help to deliver on the promise of a safe, secure and well-built software. The goal of DevSecOps is to build a mindset that security is everyone’s business, move security to the front of software delivery process and enable accelerated development of stable, secure and robust applications.

Read below to find out why industry speculators and decision-makers are employing this practice to orchestrate, protect and successfully run their software development environments-

Write, assess and remediate thousands of lines of code

Developers want to make sure that there are no ticking bombs in their code and it is as secure and stable as possible. When thousands of lines of code is written, the code becomes susceptible to errors, business violations and failures. An enterprise that leverages DevSecOps brings in their team of security architects and engineers as part of the development process. Their job is to make sure that every line of code, every component and every configuration item in the development stack is organized, securely built and error-free. This helps organizations to do real-time code evaluation, monitor new patches and vulnerabilities and infuse visibility, agility and security into each phase of DevOps pipeline.

Embed compliance culture into business

DevSecOps establishes an alliance between development teams, operations team and security teams. The aim is to make everyone in the organization understand company’s security position and follow the compliance standards. DevSecOps helps to deploy security auditing and monitoring mechanisms into business operations, fostering a culture of collaboration and transparency from the earliest stages of development. This empowers organizations to weave security with technology platforms, facilitate enhanced quality and compliance checks and expedite the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for new apps and services.

Drive large-scale change management 

Whether it is upgrading the infrastructure, installing a new software or implementing a new technology across the entire organization, DevSecOps enable organizations to deploy changes quickly and safely. Organizations can easily trace changes across the development cycle, ensure stability of proposed changes across their environment and decide what fits under the scope of their DevOps services. This helps the security technicians and change teams to monitor all changes under their network, maintain optimality and uniformity in operations and reverse the adverse consequences of a failed change, if any. 

Create a security blanket from head to toe

Enterprise DevSecOps services help to shift security to the left, i.e., move security to the early stages of the development pipleline. This helps to implement security protocols and procedures even before software or app passes through security tests. Organizations can initiate continuous feedback loops that empower raw developers, cybersecurity vendors and operations evangelists to stay updated on new features, policies and best development practices. By automating security, organizations can remove the opportunity of human errors, easily trace emerging threats or system disruptions and focus on spending money on innovation and business enhancement activities.


It is no surprise that forward-looking organizations are thinking about adopting DevSecOps solutions to build, test and release applications safely and reliably. Enterprise DevSecOps solutions not only help to breakdown the siloes between security and DevOps teams but also enable businesses to reduce meantime to resolve incidents and increase deployment success rate. This helps organizations to meet ever-changing business requirements – without excluding security and compliance needs, make the development pipeline more robust and roll-out new solutions at the speed of light. Organizations can modernize their processes faster, steer towards greater automation and build a powerful foundation for digital transformation. 

At Innover, we offer a suite of DevSecOps services for digital enterprises, that helps them improve their end-to-end agility, gain control over complex development and release cycles and future-proof their business.

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