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How IoT is Powering Automation, Analytics, and Experience Across the Supply Chain

Supply chains are the lifeline for industries and businesses. It is an intricate network of multiple stakeholders and processes that work tirelessly and in sync to ensure the seamless movement of goods and services. Through the years technology has been the stand-out contributor to the growth and success of supply chains from automation to data […]

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Building a Robust Data Governance Model is Integral to Achieving Data-Driven Success

Quality data is an absolute must for modern-day businesses to taste success. Similarly, poor quality, unverified data can lead to significant losses and missed opportunities. Ensuring all available data is of high quality is a critical capability for organizations aiming to rise up the data maturity ladder or seeking to join the data-driven club. Enabling […]

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5 Must Have Capabilities Your Tax Technology Provider Should Possess

Tax leaders are facing significant challenges and ambiguity in today’s rapidly evolving global tax climate owing to the frequently changing global and local tax reforms such as – OECD, BEPS 2.0, new EU tax regulations or the changing regulations in the US tax regime. Tax departments have to always be on their toes and keep […]

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Tech Trends Set to Transform Technology, Media & Telecom industry in 2023

Organizations in technology, media, and telecommunications are at the center of the digital economy. As per Mckinsey organizations in these industries create more economic profit than any other sector of the global economy. Yet, they are not immune to market volatility, global dislocations, inflation, increased interest rates, taxation, regulations, disruptions due to pandemics and other […]

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Maximizing Efficiencies and ROI: Harnessing the Power of Tax Technology

From ever changing global tax reforms to industry-specific nuances to technology disruptions – tax departments are bombarded with a long slew of challenges. The introduction of new international tax rules, such as those outlined in the BEPS 2.0 initiative, has created a need for systems that can handle a much larger volume of data than […]

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