Monthly Archives: November 2022

Tech Trends Expected to Encapsulate the Energy and Utilities Industry in 2023

The Energy and Utilities industry has long been known for its business stability, dependability, and predictability. However, in recent decades, organizations have been forced to transform the way energy is produced, delivered, and consumed across the value chain due to upheavals such as supply chain disruptions, changing customer expectations, and new regulatory frameworks. Organizations need […]

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Tech Trends Set to Propel the Consumer and Retail Industry in 2023

The consumer and retail industry is undergoing an exciting revolution powered by rapid digitization, further empowering the consumers.  With the augment of digital technologies consumers are becoming more connected, tech-savvy, less loyal, channel-agnostic, demanding, and expecting personalized services as a given. The industry has also undergone a evolution of sorts reshaped by several factors – […]

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