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Winning in the New Era of Enterprise Data Management

Today, data drives most modern enterprises. Though many organizations spend heavily on building a robust data core, most still find their efforts fall short of expectations. Just merely tweaking data models and blindly disseminating information does not suffice. Strategically redefining the way data can be gathered, stored, analyzed and circulated is the only way forward. […]

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How AI is Reimagining Global Supply Chains

Global supply chains are an intrinsic network of buyers, sellers, manufacturers, suppliers, logistics, and a lot more. Add to this complexity the ever-evolving market environment that impacts supply chains. Instances such as wars, pandemics, government regulations, climate change, and the mix become untenable. But supply chains have to function and function well to address the […]

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Future of Digital Commerce: Trends to watch out for in 2022

Digital commerce has performed impressively even though the pandemic stifled most industries. As per the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), digital or eCommerce grew from 16% to 19% in 2020. The impressive run is going to continue with more and more digital commerce platforms entering the fray propelled by rapid digitization and […]

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