Monthly Archives: June 2023

New-age Capabilities of a Digitally Transformed Supply Chain

The future of the supply chain hinges on the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Edge computing brings decision-making closer to the point of action, enabling real-time responsiveness. Digital twin technology envisions optimal implementation, eliminating errors and optimizing processes. Microservices offer scalability and flexibility, allowing capabilities to be adjusted as needed. Robotics automation frees up resources by […]

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How Embracing Innovation as a Service Gives Businesses an Edge Over Peers

Innovation as a service empowers organizations to build a robust digital core around services, elevate customer experiences, and relentlessly outpace their competitors in the ever-evolving business landscape. The business landscape is a fierce battleground, where outdated practices and stagnant thinking are swiftly rendered obsolete. Innovation is the lifeblood that keeps companies agile, adaptable, and resilient […]

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