Digital Solutions for Financial Services Digital Solutions for Financial Services

Digital Solutions for Financial Services

Empowering financial institutions to create impact through co-innovation & co-acceleration


Deliver superior banking experience for clients through digital on-boarding and self-service capabilities

Build & Deploy

Accelerate development and implementation of neo banking, omnichannel, and open-banking

Data Visualization

Gather actionable insights across a variety of use cases including AML, Regulatory Reporting, Channel Efficiency, Liquidity Risk

AI-driven Intelligent Automation

Construct smart mortgage solutions by intelligent automation of customer profiling, loan application processing, underwriting. Drive fraud monitoring through machine learning and biometric solutions


Control risk and bring down operating costs by developing smart contracts using blockchain for syndicated loans, trade finance and payments

Time to Market

Accelerate growth into a Super App by providing seamless unified platform experience integrating payments, savings, bill pay & shopping


Design secure payment solutions built on distributed ledger technology enabling transactions for NFT marketplaces and crypto wallets

Build & Deploy

Create instant payment solutions by devising real-time fund processing capability


Optimize and streamline manual processes by automating accounting, collection, settlement & communication activities


Mitigate transaction failures and detect patterns to prevent fraud by using advanced machine learning techniques

Power of AI and Analytics

Increase profitability of portfolios by leveraging AI combined with analytics for smart wealth allocation strategies


Deliver superior client-first experience through automated self-onboarding solutions & interactive applications having intuitive investment flows


Build deeper client engagement by offering instant tailored proposals and financial advice using prescriptive AI modeling

Robotics Process Automation

Lower costs and boost efficiency by deploying RPA in portfolio rebalancing, reconciliation and performance reporting

Hyper Automation

Boost a trader’s productivity and cut down risk by hyper-automation of trading workflows, post-trade reconciliation, distribution, and market-making, extensive risk & compliance management

Machine Learning

Adapt quickly to new market developments and analyze failed trades by constructing risk scoring models using machine learning techniques.


Build decentralized issuance of digital assets & securities, seamless trading, and optimized clearing & settlement strategies by leveraging blockchain technology.

Advanced Analytics

Enhance the expertise in capital markets by using analytics for regulatory compliance, reporting, high-frequency trading & pre-trade decision support.


Enhance competitive advantage & boost customer value by offering ultra-personalized insurance products built using intelligent data from gadgets, smart appliances, sensors, and wearables leveraging IoT, and edge processing technologies.


Reduce time and eliminate errors for operational activities by building RPA solutions for claims processing, intelligent policy management & notifications.


Identify potential customers by building AI models for underwriting, and lifetime value prediction. Detect & mitigate risk in real-time by leveraging machine learning for fraudulent claim identification

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