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Manufacturing & B2B Experience Optimization

Manufacturing and B2B organizations need to transcend their website, which may include attention-grabbing products, their services portfolio, and inspiring mission statement. Organizations need to have a robust web presence to wow the well-informed and digital-savvy customers of today by delivering relevant experiences at every stage of the customer journey. ‘Experience is possible without personalization, but […]

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How will long-term Work-From-Home impact innovation, collaboration and mental health?

The large-scale disruptions unleashed by Covid-19 has foisted upon us a never-before-seen new normal. The enormous impact of the pandemic was globally felt as it compelled organizations to opt for the Work-From-Home (WFH) model aimed at protecting their workers’ health as well as ensuring their businesses do not suffer.

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Data-Driven Hyper-Personalization via A4T (ADOBE ANALYTICS + ADOBE TARGET)

Data-Driven Hyper-Personalization Via A4T (Adobe Analytics + Adobe Target) Summary Organizations are increasingly realizing the positive impact of nurturing customer relationships that can pave the way for enhanced customer loyalty and higher customer retention. Organizations are undertaking Hyper-Personalization initiatives by leveraging omni-channel data to drive personal communication and more meaningful interactions with customers.  Download our […]

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Transforming Reverse Logistics through the Digital Route

44% of retailers say their margins are negatively affected by handling returns, and 37% of companies cited software as the main impediment in handling Reverse Logistics. Reverse Logistics is not just about the part or the product coming back. There are so many other facets that touch the Reverse Logistics Life Cycle, and organizations are […]

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