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6 Steps to Embrace Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation has become a must-have capability for businesses to cope with the constantly evolving demands for agility, precision, consistency, flexibility, and scalability. Businesses that wish to derive the maximum value out of their IPA investments need to ensure that their IPA implementations are designed and deployed correctly. Automation has become a pressing mandate […]

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Top Technologies Powering Intelligent Process Automation and Their Use

Demand for agility, flexibility, and scalability is driving businesses to embrace Intelligent Process Automation across functions and processes. This foray into integrating IPA to drive intelligent automation is powered by a combination of technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Cognitive Automation, Process Mining, Predictive Analytics, and Cloud Computing. Digital transformation is […]

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Essentials to Become a Data and Analytics Maverick in the Digital Age

Success in the digital age hinges on a progressive strategy that is underpinned by a strong data-driven digital foundation, unwavering commitment to data quality and privacy, ingenious data analytics and engineering practices powered by contemporary technologies like AI, and state-of-the-art Centers of Excellence or Innovation Labs that are enthused with data. In the ever-evolving digital […]

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How Microservices Can Act as Propellers for BFSI

Microservices-based architecture can help the Banking Financial Services and Insurance industry expedite its digital transformation efforts helping drive scalability, agility, and security besides powering integration, modularity, maintainability, performance, and resilience. Digital transformation has become an unavoidable urgent mandate for BFSI owing to the changing market dynamics and preferences. Legacy systems and monolithic architectures have often […]

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