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Intelligent Process Automation, an Antidote for Contemporary Business Challenges

The last few years have been tumultuous for businesses. First, the pandemic, followed by fears of an upcoming recession, then a banking collapse, businesses across sectors are facing choppy times due to uncertainty. A bright spot amidst this gloom is the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. AI today is profitably supporting organizations across functions through solutions […]

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Must have Competencies to Become a Data-driven Business

 The euphoria surrounding NFTs, Blockchain, and the Metaverse is anticipated to be replaced by a more cautious approach in 2023, as geopolitical and economic instabilities continue to impact the tech industry’s growth. This means succeeding in the fiercely competitive business world would demand more than just good intentions. In order to achieve success, it is […]

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Delivering Superior Experiences Using Composable Architecture

The pace of innovation has increased considerably over time. Research and exploration around contemporary technologies such as AI/ML and more have further accelerated the pace of innovation.  Businesses are keen to capitalize on the evolving market dynamics by developing and delivering software that is a delight for customers and can be delivered within tight timelines. […]

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