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American Chemical Society Discovers a Formula for Digital Transformation

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Despite its excellent reputation, the American Chemical Society, one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific organizations, needed to modernize their membership experience to establish more intimate and meaningful relationships with members. There was immediate need to connect to members, deliver personalized and relevant resources and increase membership growth.

Complicating matters, ACS had older technologies that didn’t respond to the current business needs. The applications and systems that delivered information, education, career services, professional development etc. were built in a siloed fashion. The CRM and e-commerce were primarily US-based, and not catering to their members from across the globe.

Working with technology and process digitization partner Innover, ACS set out to chart a path to progress. After conducting a detailed assessment of systems and processes, Innover recommended Magento Commerce for the platform’s unsurpassed agility and flexibility. Magento Commerce replaced the mix of existing, homegrown, and commercial systems and opened up new ways for the organization to communicate with members. Not only Magento Commerce integrated easily and smoothly with the existing ACS IT infrastructure, it also connected to other solutions the organization already used, including Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, and Adobe Analytics.

The migration to this modern e-commerce platform has helped the American Chemical Society unveil new and improved features. For instance, after conducting a four-month test using the Magento platform in 2020, membership spiked by 13,000. Read more

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