Making the case for Advanced Security Analytics

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Making the case for Advanced Security Analytics

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With increased adoption, usage and proliferation of data, all organizations are trying to become digital. However, it also increases the probability of security threats and breaches. To sustain in this digital economy, enterprises need to invest in cutting-edge technologies that provide real time visibility in to cyber risks and help create mitigation plans accordingly. However, the reality is that the solutions we have today are of no significance for unforeseen attacks in the future. With increase in frequency and impact of cyber-attacks, enterprises are facing constant pressure of evaluating and ensuring the effectiveness of their cyber risk strategy. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are targeting an expanded threat surface. Between 2015 and 2021 the frequency of zero-day exploits has and will be expected to grow from one per week to one per day.

It is projected that the damages from cyber-crimes will touch a whopping $6T per year in a couple of years. All industries are vulnerable to cyber threats and the bigger question is not “if” your business will be attacked but ‘when’. This has shifted management focus about whether they have the people, technology and processes to eliminate risk of a security breach. Existing tools are not capable of handling billions of security events generated every day and analyzing threats requires manual human analysis and response. Ineffective use of Artificial Intelligence is creating too many false positives and at the same time a 2M shortfall in capable security personnel means there are too few people to investigate them.

It is estimated that there are 3 million more jobs available in Cyber than qualified individuals at present. This gap, along with exponential growth in data and the related risk exposure to today’s digital businesses, creates the unmistakable and urgent need for new generation security analytics.

Surviving and flourishing in the zero-day world takes new abilities. Security analysts need to have proper background to hunt threats in real-time. Protection from unknown and internal threats is critical. Scalability is vital as more devices are connecting to the enterprise. An extensible solution is also required that fits well in the present security position of an enterprise. The capability of these products to integrate with existing point solutions and improve these signals is precious. According to CISO of a large media company in the US, “We don’t need yet another solution. We need something that allows us to reduce the number of dashboards we look at.” Large enterprises typically have anywhere between 20-40 different solutions in play, and typically provide a narrow or siloed view that is insufficient to analyze complex threats.

New-gen security analytics and intelligence platforms offer virtual advisory to Security Analysts and aids in identifying security threats in real time, allowing enterprises to take proactive security measures in a dynamic threat environment. Cutting through the noise of thousands of false positives that plague many current systems, they act in real time on the endpoint and network, automatically surfacing high-risk incidents, prioritizing them, and identifying the root cause in seconds—not days, weeks or months— so you can defend your business from threats faster and more easily than ever before.

Hunting in Real-time, Zeroing in Faster and Providing a Holistic View

Each new cyber-attack is more sophisticated than the last, leaving traditional security measures incompetent to spot the next threat. Advanced Security analytics platforms allow businesses to assemble the story as it unfolds by enriching data collected from across the business with contextual and behavioral insights. They help stop chasing false positives and hone in on credible threats.

Today’s threats compel businesses to filter through millions of security events, wasting time and cash, increasing the odds of a credible threat slipping through the cracks. These solutions reduce false positives and elevate credible threats by learning from past actions taken in response to previous threats. They build a comprehensive view of an organization’s enterprise security.

The average business has myriad security solutions leaving enterprises struggling to build a cohesive picture of their security landscape. These solutions provide threat hunters a 360 degree view of their enterprise security through a single pane of glass and give them the ability to take action from a single location.

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