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Intelligent Process Automation, an Antidote for Contemporary Business Challenges

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The last few years have been tumultuous for businesses. First, the pandemic, followed by fears of an upcoming recession, then a banking collapse, businesses across sectors are facing choppy times due to uncertainty. A bright spot amidst this gloom is the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. AI today is profitably supporting organizations across functions through solutions like Intelligent Process Automation. IPA is a coat of intelligence applied over Robotic Process Automation, to chart out the automation journeys across attended, unattended, and hybrid automation.

IPA holds a lot of significance in today’s evolving business environment acting as an antidote to contemporary business challenges.

Challenge – Managing Scale Against Volatile Demand

Solution – Predicting scale against volatile demand can be quite an ask but can be fulfilled by integrating Intelligent Process Automation into the mix. IPA’s ability to provide real-time insights helps predict demand across periods taking into consideration volatile parameters such as a rise in fuel prices, or a regulatory change. This understanding of advanced analytics helps producers to design micro-plans that are for shorter durations and consider a variety of variables helping them adjust the scale instantly to address volatility.

Challenge – Operational Resiliency

Solution – The pandemic and the regulations that followed were situations the world had never faced before. Situations came very close to bringing the world to a complete halt. It is during this period that Intelligent Process Automation accelerated the adoption of AI-powered cobots and robots that safeguarded humans from getting exposed to unhealthy and unsafe conditions as an add-on it empowered engineers through its predictive capabilities to keep the machines in shape through predictive and prescriptive maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Challenge – Maintain Quality

Solution – Intelligent Process Automation can smartly manage and run repetitive and mundane tasks, relieving the workforce to concentrate on the high stakes. It instills confidence in the workforce to embrace new ways of working and better utilize their time for more productive activities. IPA runs a man, machine camaraderie to ensure that both their efficiencies complement one another to make processes and systems more qualitatively productive.

Challenge – Resurrecting Automation

Solution – Automation should not be designed in bits and pieces, even if done so, a comprehensive automation strategy should be designed to connect functions across the chain. Intelligently automating departments across the organization maximizes efficiencies and augments productivity, towards a given end. Resurrecting automation standards across the organization ensures that scientifically designed calculations do not go wrong because of a manual error.

Innover’s Intelligent Process Automation services draw from its in-depth and contemporary understanding of technology across data science, operations, and experiences to strategically apply AI-driven intelligence across functions. In doing so we create digitally optimized scenarios where technology works to keep efficiencies and productivity at their peak.

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