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Delivering Superior Experiences Using Composable Architecture

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The pace of innovation has increased considerably over time. Research and exploration around contemporary technologies such as AI/ML and more have further accelerated the pace of innovation.  Businesses are keen to capitalize on the evolving market dynamics by developing and delivering software that is a delight for customers and can be delivered within tight timelines. Meeting this need for agility in development and superior customer experience is composable architecture.  Composable architecture relates to the design and development of software systems that consist of smaller, independent modules that can be quickly configured and integrated with larger systems.  

According to Gartner, “By 2023, organizations that have adopted an intelligent composable approach will outpace the competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation.”

The ability of composable architecture to be flexible, connected, innovative, and quick makes it ideal for delivering an enhanced customer experience in a rapidly changing business environment. 

Listed below are factors that make Composable Architecture the most viable option for businesses looking to up their CX game in this day and age.

Flexibility to innovate, reinvent, and upgrade at speed

Composable architecture empowers modern-day businesses to be up to speed with the changing customer needs and set standards in customer experience by being flexible. Composable architecture enables this by providing organizations the ability to easily assemble and disassemble components allowing for seamless integration of new products and services. It also helps organizations reuse existing components across multiple projects, helping businesses save on valuable time and effort required to develop new solutions. This flexible nature of composable architecture helps organizations remain competitive and responsive in a constantly evolving marketplace meeting customer expectations and enhancing experience. 

Faster time to market to meet demands and expectations as they arise

Composable architecture’s capability to churn out software faster allows organizations to build and deploy new systems and applications quickly.  The ability to use existing components such as microservices, APIs, and containers enables organizations to develop new solutions with agility. This approach eliminates the need to build everything afresh, which can in most cases be costly and time-consuming. Since composable architecture is built as a set of independent modules it also provides developers room to work independently on a specific component that can be integrated into a central system later. Different sets of developers working on various modules or components further accelerate the development process to help organizations reach the market faster. Being ahead of the competition gives businesses a competitive advantage that is appreciated by the customer base driving credibility, loyalty, and experience. 

Scalability to meet expected and unexpected spikes in demand

There are multiple factors that dictate demand. During the holiday season eCommerce sites, retailers, as well as manufacturers, and suppliers, are hard-pressed to meet the sudden spike in demand for goods and services. This would also mean upgrading of systems or introducing new features to the existing software to meet the sudden surge in demand. Composable architecture because of its hues of flexibility, shorter time for development, and ability to build on existing components and more, fits in perfectly to back organizations to scale quickly. A seamless experience even during peak hours ensures a larger user base engages, and enjoys products and services available on the platform. A larger audience using a robust platform without a glitch spreads a positive word and ensures the experience is constant for all. 

Personalization to drive higher engagement and loyalty

One of the key constituents to drive enhanced customer experience is personalization. Digitally aware users today expect a level of personalization in every product or service they consume. Composable architecture helps businesses serve their users with a personalized product or service by way of easy and quick customization. As composable architecture relates to small, independent modules making changes like upgrades or additions to deliver customized products and services becomes an easy ask that the developers can meet at short notice.  Making regular changes to the software to meet personalization demands enables organizations to deliver consistently relevant experiences that add to the overall customer experience. 


Customer experience is vital for business longevity. The more the customers enjoy the experience the better the chance of them returning and turning into loyal customers. Composable architecture because of its attributes such as flexibility, scalability, reduced development time, and personalization has become a sought-after development architecture for developers who are keen on launching new and improved products and services at speed. With the world taking rapid strides toward becoming digital-first, developers are hard-pressed on time and resources to keep churning out new and exciting products and services. Composable architecture gives the developer community the capabilities to keep up with the changing demands. 

Innover’s experienced software engineering team is at the forefront of innovation, utilizing the latest in technology to bolster capabilities and outcomes. Contact us to learn how we can help you create, and upgrade the software using composable architecture. Integrate this new approach to efficiently manage, and monetize every feature, and function of your software. 


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