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Creating an Empathy-Driven Member Experience with Magento

13000+ new member acquisition in 4 just months by implementing a modern and robust e-commerce platform for American Chemical Society (ACS) To grow and sustain in this digital world, membership-driven businesses need to go beyond just selling products or services—they need to have a holistic engagement solution that works according to member preferences and past activities. […]

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A Focus on the Real-Time CDP: What makes Adobe’s solution unique

The Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) is a Data Lake, Data Science Platform, Customer Data Platform (CDP), Advanced Analytics & Attribution Solution, and Journey Orchestration Optimization Tool. There is no more complete end-to-end data management solution available to the CIO & the CMO today. A Focus on the Real-Time CDP: What makes Adobe’s solution unique? AEP […]

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Manufacturing & B2B Experience Optimization

Manufacturing and B2B organizations need to transcend their website, which may include attention-grabbing products, their services portfolio, and inspiring mission statement. Organizations need to have a robust web presence to wow the well-informed and digital-savvy customers of today by delivering relevant experiences at every stage of the customer journey. ‘Experience is possible without personalization, but […]

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Data-Driven Hyper-Personalization via A4T (ADOBE ANALYTICS + ADOBE TARGET)

Data-Driven Hyper-Personalization Via A4T (Adobe Analytics + Adobe Target) Summary Organizations are increasingly realizing the positive impact of nurturing customer relationships that can pave the way for enhanced customer loyalty and higher customer retention. Organizations are undertaking Hyper-Personalization initiatives by leveraging omni-channel data to drive personal communication and more meaningful interactions with customers.  Download our […]

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Solving Supply Chain’s Big Problems – Value Chain Visibility & Demand Matching

Supply chains, despite enhanced planning and management, are not immune to exceptional, unforeseen events. While careful planning and increased integration of technology can help in mitigating the impact and shortening delays, they are nowhere near enough to deal with global problems like the one we currently face. The Covid-19 pandemic tested and broke even the […]

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New Age Economic Resiliency Imperatives: Empathy Driven Experience and Frictionless Commerce

In the last few years, the breakneck, rip-and-replace digital transformation phase has evolved into a more strategic customer-first activity. Gone are the times when millions of dollars were allocated for large-scale digital transformation agendas, now organizations are evaluating tools and products more holistically and concentrating on maximizing ROI.   In the new Covid-19 impacted economic […]

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