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8 Challenges SMBs Face in an Evolving Tax Environment

Tax regulations and compliance are getting more complex and challenging. SMBs must keep abreast and face the changing tax landscape by embracing tax technology to streamline their tax processes and improve efficiency. A report published in 2020 by the Finance Corporation and the World Bank Group stated that Small and Medium Businesses constituted 90% of […]

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5 Must Have Capabilities Your Tax Technology Provider Should Possess

Tax leaders are facing significant challenges and ambiguity in today’s rapidly evolving global tax climate owing to the frequently changing global and local tax reforms such as – OECD, BEPS 2.0, new EU tax regulations or the changing regulations in the US tax regime. Tax departments have to always be on their toes and keep […]

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Maximizing Efficiencies and ROI: Harnessing the Power of Tax Technology

From ever changing global tax reforms to industry-specific nuances to technology disruptions – tax departments are bombarded with a long slew of challenges. The introduction of new international tax rules, such as those outlined in the BEPS 2.0 initiative, has created a need for systems that can handle a much larger volume of data than […]

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Adopting DevOps Can Help Organizations Accelerate Operational Efficiency

Rising customer expectations and cut-throat competition are creating a strong need for organizations to adopt DevOps based approach to accelerate operational efficiency. There’s a great deal of buzz around DevOps as it can integrate the development and operation teams of organizations. DevOps enables formerly siloed roles – development, IT operations, quality engineering, and security to […]

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How Low-Code/No-Code Can Shape the Future of Software Development!

For decades, the software development process has been considered complex and a long-drawn-out one. The work was carried out by teams of developers who had time to think about how best to build and deliver applications to their customers. How times have changed. Over the last year, the majority of the world has been grappling […]

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Why User Design Experience is So Important in Software Development?

Designing great products that will stand the test of time is challenging in any industry. Nowhere is this more evident than for companies that work in Software Development. Whether developing applications or platforms, focused on end consumers or employees in a company, Software Development companies need to make User Design Experience an integral part of […]

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