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Transformed a legacy sales and cash information data management system into an automated cloud-based platform for a Leading US Supermarket Chain

About the client

A top-tier US Supermarket Chain


  • Capturing real-time data from multiple legacy mainframe sources.
  • Complex inter-team dependencies within the client's structure.
  • Need for seamless integration of diverse systems, including Azure, SQL, and PowerApps.


    Innover utilized its proprietary Low Code No Code solution, LOCO to strategize, manage data, and utilize apt tools to deliver a cloud-based solution.

  • Strategic Planning: Orchestrated a systematic and phased transformation plan for optimal efficiency powered by a robust communication channel.
  • Data Mastery: Prioritized data mapping, crafting a potent data integration strategy. Leveraged cutting-edge middleware for seamless cross-system communication.
  • Phased Brilliance: Employed Azure Data Factory for data orchestration, as well as extraction and processing of data securely through firewalls, strengthening it further using SQL for full-proof error handling.
  • Testing Precision: Formulated an exhaustive testing strategy, validating data accuracy and system interactions. Prioritized user training and change management for a smooth transition.


  • Unleashed Azure Data Factory for secure data extraction and processing through PowerApps.
  • Fortified error handling with the prowess of SQL.
  • Elevated UI/UX with Power BI's Canvas for visually stunning, on-screen summary reports.

Impact Delivered


Surge in data flow


Reduction in manual effort resulting in quick turn-around time


Increase in efficiency in managing the data

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