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Redesigned Data Ops for a Telecom Major to Achieve Operational Excellence

About the client

Leading telecom provider


  • The client lacked data-driven insights, hindering service operation optimization.
  • The existing data warehouse lacked capabilities for analyzing unstructured customer data.
  • Data needed normalization for analysis due to format and source variations.
  • Extracting insights from unstructured data required tools their infrastructure lacked.


  • The approach included identifying KPIs, implementing data collection mechanisms, and utilizing analytics tools for analysis.
  • Select processing tools, develop algorithms for organization, and integrate analysis capabilities into existing infrastructure.
  • Normalize data by assessing formats, developing pipelines for standardization, and implementing quality checks for consistency and accuracy.
  • Extract insights from unstructured data by selecting NLP tools, integrating them into pipelines, and training analysts on their effective use.
  • Leverage Databricks by evaluating, deploying, developing workflows, and training personnel for optimizing service operations.


    Innover designed and developed a transformative data solution that helped unlock insights from unstructured customer data, empowering optimization of service operations through comprehensive analysis of technician and customer behavior KPIs.

  • Utilized 26 data sources to create a nested loop data model.
  • Employed an iterative approach for model development to tackle business challenges.
  • Addressed unproductive truck roll optimization.
  • Performed customer sentiment analysis and churn prediction.
  • Conducted chronic caller analysis.
  • Implemented field force capacity planning and optimization.
  • Worked on repeat ticket reduction.
  • Developed an interactive PowerBI dashboard featuring key KPIs related to technician and service performance.

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