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Enabled Data Migration from Legacy to Cloud for a Wholesaler of Building Products

About the client

A wholesale distributor of building products


  • Consolidating data from diverse sources due to varying formats, schemas.
  • Optimizing costs while balancing performance demands.
  • Enable self-service analytics for users to analyze data with minimal IT or engineering dependence.
  • Gaining a deep understanding of data to identify and implement data monetization opportunities.
  • Enabling seamless collaboration among data engineers, scientists, and analysts.


  • Implemented data compression techniques to minimize storage costs.
  • Utilized serverless computing for cost-effective processing.
  • Leveraged auto-scaling capabilities to match compute resources with workload demands.
  • Optimized data transfer costs by reducing unnecessary data movements.
  • Implemented data lifecycle management policies to tier storage based on usage patterns.
  • Implementing cost monitoring and alerting systems to identify and address cost inefficiencies in real-time.


    Innover leveraged its data and analytics prowess to craft a holistic solution, seamlessly merging internal systems with external data, fostering team collaboration, empowering self-service analytics, and unlocking data monetization opportunities.

  • Data Modelling: Unified data model encompassing various entities like products, pricing, inventory, and orders to streamline data ingestion into the cloud. Leveraged Talend for seamless data ingestion.
  • Data Foundation: Comprehensive data lake and warehouse infrastructure using Azure services, including an aggregate layer to facilitate reporting and analytics consumption.
  • Data Cataloging: Unity Catalog to meticulously track all data elements across the organization, ensuring efficient data management and governance.
  • Data Processing: Databricks platform to drive advanced analytics use cases, complemented by PowerBI for comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Impact Delivered

Azure Data Warehouse became a Single Source of Truth and reduced data redundancy

Multiple analytical use cases realized such as Demand Planning, Price elasticity

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