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Enabled an Asset-lite Trucking Company with a Cloud-based Advanced Analytics Solution that Boosted Order Conversion and their TMS Capabilities

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Leading Wholesale Logistics Firm


  • Creating a unified advanced analytics platform that empowers agents with intelligent carrier search and an all-encompassing booking dashboard.
  • Harness internal, historical, and external data sources like DAT and Truckstop, presents several potential challenges.
  • Integrating diverse data sources and ensuring data quality, addressing scalability concerns.
  • Developing and maintaining a robust machine learning model for carrier matching and rate prescription.
  • Safeguarding data security and compliance, training users effectively, and fostering user adoption.
  • Maximizing profitability and facilitating data-driven execution.


  • Started by conducting a comprehensive data assessment and cleansing process to ensure data integrity.
  • Implement data integration and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes to harmonize diverse data sources.
  • Concerns on scalability were addressed by designing the platform for modular and cloud-native architecture.
  • Developing and maintaining the ML model involving a dedicated data science team.
  • Monitoring data security and compliance through strict access controls, encryption, and ongoing audits.
  • Optimize cloud infrastructure using best practices and cost-effective services.
  • Effective user training and change management strategies to drive seamless adoption.
  • Continuous iterations for regularly refining the platform to meet evolving business needs and data-driven execution goals.


  • Advanced analytics platform to provide agents with intelligent carrier searching capability and a comprehensive booking dashboard, leveraging internal, historical, and 3rd Party data (DAT, Truckstop) on AWS.
  • ML-based scoring model to rank and prioritize carrier matches and prescribe booking rates to maximize profitability and efficient data-driven execution.

Impact Delivered


Increased order conversion


Reduction in execution time

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