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39% Increase in Revenue through Demand Forecasting & Pricing Optimization for a Global Shipping & Logistics Leader

About the client

One of the Top 3 Shipping & Logistics Company in the world with headquarters in US


  • Lack of visibility into price sensitivity and effectiveness of discounts on shipments by products
  • Discounting decisions taken by agents in the market were highly subjective and not based on historical demand trends, price elasticity, or seasonality
  • Margin erosion faced due to unnecessarily high discounts in some cases while inadequate shipment volumes in others due to lack of right pricing
  • No data-driven price and discounting decision framework


Innover increased sales revenue for 3 key products by creating a demand forecasting & pricing optimization platform powered by advanced Machine learning modeling. This entailed:

  • Price elasticity and Discount sensitivity of demand by products and service levels
  • Relationship between demand and revenue across products and service levels
  • Seasonal components and key macroeconomic triggers
  • Dynamic model embedded pricing application offering atomic level drill-down and “what-if” scenario simulation flexibility

Impact Delivered:


Increase in sales revenue


Increase in shipment volumes (i.e., demand)


Reduction in arbitrary discounting


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