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Built an RPA-driven contact center for a Major US Telecom provider

About the client

A US-based Telecom Major


The client was looking for an automated solution that would reduce the dependance on human agents and avoid human error. They were looking for a self-moderated solution that could be scaled to address present and future scenarios.

  • Rising operation costs of contact center
  • High response times lead to dissatisfaction amongst customers
  • Inefficient use of contact center agents' time engaged in routine manual activities
  • Increase in manual error


Innover designed a self-sustaining automated solution powered by Robotic Process Automation to reduce the dependence on human agents. It enabled the client to save on costs and manhours by resolving non-critical challenges through digitally configured bots.

  • Self-help bots enabled users to resolve individual challenges without human assistance
  • Automated workflows that monitor/modify customer data in the front end and back end
  • Utilize data generated for analyzing response and impact
  • Identifying and transferring challenges that cannot be handled by RPA to human agents

Impact Delivered:


Reduction in operation cost


of Human errors avoided

Reduction in response time leading to enhanced customer experience


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