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Built an Omnichannel Contact Center Platform for seamless communication between agents and customers

About the client

A B2B Field Product Intelligence Company


The client was looking for a solution that helped them connect to their customers across channels via a single platform and vis-a-vis. They wanted a platform that not just provided them with a single view of all customer communications but also recorded the same at one location for easy analysis.

  • Create an omnichannel platform that integrates multiple channels for seamless communication between service agents and customers
  • Reduce resolution time and costs using new-age technologies like AR
  • Inefficient use of contact center agents' time engaged in routine manual activities
  • Build a singular platform for recording customer communications across channels


Innover designed and built an omnichannel platform that integrated multiple channels like social media, chat, email and video to drive engagement and communication between customer and service agents. The platform also enabled the client to collate all information from across channels at one location that could be analyzed for actionable insights.

  • Devised selection based single page multi-platform application
  • Built capability to design and deploy integrations on the fly using infrastructure as code services
  • Created robust chatbot solution for customer support that can be integrated with any website
  • Integrated AR capabilities to empower customers and agents to virtually resolve issues

Impact Delivered:


Improved visibility of customer interactions


Reduction in integration timelines


Improvement in Net Promoter Score


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