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94% Defect Removal Efficiency across engineering services by leveraging a cloud platform for a US-based NEMT service provider

About the client

A NEMT service provider based out of US


The customer was leveraging a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) platform that was built on a legacy application and had inherent challenges:

  • Need to modernize data processing with APIs to connect with different ecosystem applications such as call center application, vehicle provider application, etc
  • Required to feed analytical models with real-time user data because the customer needed to map the vehicle with the user so that nearest vehicle availability as well as prompt vehicle dispatch to a patient’s location, can be carried out effectively
  • The legacy platform had its limitations in connecting with different ecosystem applications as the customer did not own the vehicles themselves and was merely a facilitator
  • Lacked a robust build-release-testing cycle, which was time-consuming and manual in nature


  • Innover helped the customer by moving the legacy platform to the cloud leveraging the Docker technology by linking APIs with different ecosystem applications
  • It adopted GitLab and Jenkins technologies to implement DevOps that helped automate the build-release-testing cycle as well as enabled continuous integration
  • Leveraged Amazon Connect and TeamCity technologies and seamlessly connected call center data to vehicle provider data that ensured any patient request was appropriately channelized to a vehicle provider
  • Used in-house capabilities to automate route planning that substantially lowered average call time

Impact Delivered:


Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE) across engineering services


Reduction in average call time


Reduction in the product development cycle


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