Craft personalized experiences and drive operational efficiency to fuel business growth

Changing consumer preferences, increasing competition and rising labor wages are driving a real shift in the restaurant industry. Crafting a positive guest experience while reducing operations cost is at the heart of current restaurant priorities to drive growth and sustainability.

Restaurant360, Innover’s artificial intelligence and analytics driven platform, integrates data from multiple sources and provides real time business insights on consumer purchase behavior, sales trends and operational spends across all restaurant locations. Powered by adaptive learning and natural language processing capabilities, our solution can help you to craft unique dining experiences, deliver personalized marketing offers, drive employee productivity, optimize menus and control operating costs to fuel business growth and stay ahead of competition.

Solution Highlights


App driven data access with real time insights by location

Personalized customer experience with increase in order size & repeat orders

Reduced inventory and Labor costs

Reduced wait times with smart table allocation

Improved employee productivity

Optimized Operation hours & labor allocation

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