Utilizing the Power of Data and Advanced Analytics in Oil and Gas Supply Chains

Digitization has brought forth the next spurt of growth for the oil and gas industry. – Carroll McIntire, Senior Vice President, Innover

O&G decision makers are charged with analyzing data from multiple sources, including satellites, port agents, suppliers and field technicians, to stay ahead of the competition. In a recent survey by Gartner, industry CIOs listed artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics and the industrial internet of things (IoT) as the top game-changing technologies in 2021.

Navigating through the O&G supply chain can be chaotic. Growing complexities, ever-changing market conditions, fluctuating oil prices, demand imbalances, and storage and transportation issues all act as stumbling blocks. Moreover, with numerous vendors and an extensive partner ecosystem, multiples silos exist across the supply chain. They can impact visibility, efficiency and service levels, and act as a barrier to supply chain collaboration.

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