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Using Real-Time Analytics to Supercharge Supply Chains

Supply chains need to embrace advances in technology, data, and analytics if they wish to become customer-centric and address customer needs in real-time – Rakesh Prasad, Senior VP – Strategy, Innover

The constantly changing geo-political, environmental, internal, and external dynamics are stressing supply chains. Operations are getting derailed due to reduced manpower or machines breaking down, impacting production. Changing lifestyles and affinity of customers are making it hard to predict and address customer demands, adversely impacting bottom lines. It is here that real-time analytics scores big over traditional, static analytics helping businesses draw instant and constant business value. This article demonstrates how new-age practices such as demand-sensing, decision intelligence, and edge analytics powered by technologies such as AI/ML are delivering real-time analytics to make supply chains more resilient, operations more efficient, and customers more subservient.

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