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Unlocking the power of data analytics for supply chain management

In this interview with ManufacturingToday, Rakesh Prasad, Senior VP – Strategy & Solutions, Innover talks about how manufacturing organizations must embrace state-of-the-art technology and wield powerful data analytics to ensure ceaseless operations and keep the engines running. He further elaborates that by skillfully and accurately analyzing disparate data streams, these organizations can extract valuable insights to fortify their supply chain operations, unleash a symphony of unparalleled efficiencies and stay on top of ever-evolving market conditions.

Data analytics has become an integral part of supply chain management, helping companies to make informed decisions and optimize their operations. Supply chains generate massive amounts of data, from inventory levels and production rates to shipping schedules and customer demand. With data analytics, companies can extract valuable insights from this information, enabling them to forecast demand, identify potential bottlenecks, and improve their overall efficiency. By leveraging data analytics, companies can reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction, all while gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. In today’s fast-paced business environment, data analytics is essential for supply chain management success.

Previously published on ManufacturingToday. Read the entire interview here

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