Preparing supply chains for the holiday season with AI-powered automation

Read this insightful article by Amit Gautam, Co-founder & CEO, Innover on how automation can drive certainty and help optimize services to derive the maximum out of this holiday season.

The holiday season is fast approaching. As always, supply chains will be vital in realizing the predicted $1.262 trillion in sales that sellers are anticipating for the season. At the same time, prevailing geopolitical conditions, fuel price increases and labor shortages are all adding up to pose a constant threat. According to Statista, the U.S. faced more than 5,000 supply chain disruptions during the 2021 holiday season, which invariably impacted sales. Supply chain operators will be keen to keep disruptions in check this time around, and have a workaround to ensure uninterrupted and optimized services throughout the period.

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