Navigating the Generative AI Revolution: From Hype to Impact

In a recent AIM Research podcast, Innover’s leadership team, Amit Gautam – CEO, and Rakesh Prasad – Senior Vice President of Strategy & Solutions, unpack a strategic roadmap for building a value-driven Generative AI implementation strategy. Their approach emphasized a robust plan, starting with establishing initial awareness of Gen AI’s potential and its use cases, and then progressing to defining robust governance practices, crafting a clear implementation strategy, and fostering a culture of experimentation – ultimately driving successful realization on ROI.

“Driving awareness almost always drives positive change in the workforce. Making conscious steps towards reskilling the workforce you have, as well as providing opportunities to utilize the technology for the firm’s benefit, can go a long way.”-Amit G

“Solutions like Copilot, powered by generative AI, are further accelerating this shift. The team will not spend as much time coding, but rather, will focus on understanding the problem to solve and then use these assistants to generate parts of the code much more easily.”- Rakesh Prasad

Catch the whole conversation here.

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