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How Will 5G Shape the Next Generation of Supply Chains?

As President of Innover, Amit has responsibility for all aspects of the company’s financial, growth, Product & Service strategy & execution.

Every iteration of technology exudes promise for every greater advancement, from agile, incremental improvements in software to new features in a consumer handset. 5G technology is poised to drive a paradigm shift that has the potential to radically transform how industries and the world function. It’s no wonder it has captured the imagination of businesses and technology visionaries.

For those unfamiliar with 5G technology, it may simply appear like an upgrade on the existing system: a little faster, a little better and nothing too world-shattering. But this is an inaccurate analogy for what 5G offers. This technology isn’t simply about speed; it’s about device density and latency as well, which is transformational for enterprise and industry workloads.

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