How Can Generative AI Help Retailers Extract Real Value From Returns?

In an exclusive article published in Reverse Logistics Association Magazine, Amit Gautam – CEO at Innover, sheds light on how Generative AI can provide end-to-end support to retailers across the entire returns lifecycle.

Generative AI has dominated boardroom discussions in the business world over the past year. While some skeptics may question the full extent of its capabilities, others are keenly focused on extracting value from their investments. For those early adopters who wish to hop on the Generative AI bandwagon, particularly in the reverse logistics field, the rewards could be massive. The confluence of Generative AI, predictive analytics, computer vision solutions, and other novel technologies, can help organizations realize a multiplier effect on efficiencies, cost savings, and productivity throughout the returns lifecycle.

Previously published in RLA. Read the entire article here.

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