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Generative AI in workplace: A look at CEO plans in shaping workplaces

According to leaders, generative AI tools like ChatGPT are playing an increasingly significant role in shaping the workplace. They believe that these tools foster innovation, boost productivity, and enhance communication.

To gather insights, People Matters reached out to several leaders and inquired about their organisations’ approach to ChatGPT and their thoughts on the matter. Here’s what Amit gautam, Co-founder & CEo, Innover had to say:
“Today, technological advancements hold the potential to yield substantial business outcomes, empowering companies to develop new products, services, and revenue streams. At Innover, our primary focus is on driving innovation that uncovers the transformative power of data, AI, machine learning, and other digital technologies. By leveraging these tools, we aim to address customer business challenges and create sustainable value for them.

Presently, we are actively exploring the integration of AI technologies, including ChatGPT, to optimise processes and enhance efficiency within the ecommerce sector. Our key objectives revolve around automating customer service through natural language-based queries and augmenting product search capabilities with intelligent filtering. Additionally, we are delving into the potential of ChatGPT for applications such as generating product descriptions and tags automatically based on images, as well as providing sales and customer insights through conversational AI.

While we encourage our employees to explore and develop AI use cases, including ChatGPT, in the workplace, we are committed to maintaining strict privacy protocols. We prioritise the careful management of sensitive customer and organisational data, implementing necessary measures to safeguard privacy and confidentiality.”

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