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Generative AI Demystified: A CEO’s Handbook for Success

Read this exclusive article featured in CEO Insights where Amit Gautam, Co-founder, and CEO – Innover, penned down his thoughts on how CEOs can seamlessly integrate Generative AI into their business operations to achieve the highest levels of differentiation and maximize return on their investments.

Organizations worldwide recognize that Generative AI isn’t just unlocking new frontiers of innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness; it’s fundamentally reshaping how businesses operate. Embracing Generative AI at an early stage can offer organizations a strategic advantage. However, the specific starting point and strategy will differ from each company and even within different parts of an organization. CEOs will play a pivotal role in this expedition. They will shoulder the responsibility of determining whether their organization should opt for large-scale deployments or begin with smaller-scale experiments.

The journey will commence with a fundamental question: do the chosen solutions align with the company’s overarching strategic goals and long-term vision? This initial decision will set the course. Subsequently, organizations will have to conduct a thorough evaluation of critical factors such as budget, data scale and quality, privacy and security requirements, latency, and request volume. The optimal approach will also depend on a company’s aspirations and willingness to tolerate risks. Once organizations identify their golden use cases, they will need to make strategic choices regarding whether to fine-tune existing Large language Models (LLMs) or train a custom model to attain desired outcomes.

Previously published in CEOInsights. Read the entire article here.

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