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Envisioning the Future of Talent Management in the Metaverse

Read this insightful article by Rakesh Prasad – Senior Vice President, Strategy & Solutions, Innover, on how Metaverse will pave the way for digital evolution in the work culture.

The metaverse is the current buzz in tech. Having been termed as the future of the Internet, the metaverse is an amalgamation of virtual reality and mixed reality worlds. 

The transition to the virtual world is evident across a wide array of industries particularly due to the pandemic when we all began relying heavily on Zoom, Google Meet and Skype. The experience of networking virtually is driving digitally mature organizations to move to the metaverse. Companies such as Microsoft have introduced cutting-edge platforms such as Microsoft Mesh to enable virtual shared experiences. Similarly, Meta is one of the top metaverse companies currently which is working on bringing together offerings such as horizon virtual workrooms for employees.

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