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Engineers’ Day 2023: Celebrating innovation and legacy

On this National Engineering Day, Amit Gautam, Co-founder and CEO of Innover, highlights that Engineers worldwide have helped push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of technology. They stand as visionary architects who are meticulously shaping the future of innovation and progress. He further adds that with their unwavering dedication and unparalleled expertise, Innover has not only conquered complex business challenges with remarkable speed and scale but has also achieved industry-leading customer satisfaction scores, setting a benchmark for excellence.

“Engineers globally push the boundaries of technology, serving as visionary architects shaping innovation and progress. At Innover, our engineers drive business transformation, infusing intelligence through data engineering and developing cutting-edge software. They’ve brought immersive Metaverse-powered contact centers, resilient Blockchain solutions, and groundbreaking digital initiatives to life, boosting productivity and ROI for Fortune 1000 clients. Embracing Generative AI, we architect the future by enhancing Gen AI models for seamless integration into core business functions. Our engineers, with unwavering dedication, achieve industry-leading customer satisfaction, setting excellence benchmarks. On National Engineering Day, we thank them for limitless innovation, building a boundless future.”

Previously published in The Economics Times. Read the entire article here.

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