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Deriving real business value with real-time demand sensing

Read this insightful article on how demand sensing will turn out to be a potent weapon in improving customer experiences and driving competitive advantage across supply chains – by Rakesh Prasad, Senior Vice President, Digital Business, Innover 

Material shortages and stockouts came to define 2021, hampering organizations’ ability to produce and satiate their customers’ demands. The lingering effects of pandemic-induced demand-supply imbalances taught industries a critical lesson – planning and forecasting market demands based on historical data is no more a viable option. They need to transgress to more futuristic and practical techniques. As we head toward the future, demand sensing will prove to be a potent weapon to achieve competitive edge. The business value that it can deliver will far compensate the hurdles to implement it. So, organizations seeking to leverage the full benefits of a demand sensing solution should choose a unified platform that can help accelerate their data-to-insights-to-business outcome journey.

Previously published on: The Times on India. Read here

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