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4 Ways to build an effective future-ready workforce

With the amalgamation of the right mindset and strategies, organizations have the chance to partner meaningfully with their employees and create an environment that uplifts and supports their constant renewal, opines Rakesh Prasad, Senior Vice President, Digital Business, Innover.

The technological transformation we have witnessed over the past decade has been phenomenal, particularly over the last two years, which served as a catalyst for digital transformation across a myriad of functions and verticals. It has impacted organisations and individuals on a deep level, in almost irreversible ways. Due to the rapid pace and scale of technological disruption, organisations are facing an unforeseen workforce challenge. Moreover, the lifespan of most skills today has reduced and they are expected to be rapidly changing in the near future. Additionally, the existing organisational structures are no longer equipped to handle these ever-evolving changes.

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